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Scarborough, ON M1S 3V6

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Tire Catalog

The content below is a list of tire data for technical purposes. To search for tires for your vehicle click here and choose either the search by size, search by vehicle or search by brand option.


Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 145/70R13 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 155/65R13 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 155/65R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 155/70R13 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 155/80R13 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 165/65R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 165/70R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 165/70R14/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 175/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 175/65R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 175/65R14/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 175/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 175/70R14/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/55R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/55R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/55R15/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/55R16/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/60R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/60R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/65R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 185/70R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/50R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/55R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/55R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/60R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 195/70R14 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 205/55R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 205/55R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 205/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 205/60R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 205/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 215/55R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 215/60R16/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 215/65R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 215/70R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 225/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 225/55R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 225/70R16 Nexen WinGuard Snow'G WH2 - 235/60R16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 165/60R14 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 175/60R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 175/65R14 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 185/55R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 185/60R14 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 185/60R15/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 185/65R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/45R16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/50R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/50R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/50R16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/55R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/55R16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/60R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/65R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 195/65R15/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/40ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/50R16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/50ZR16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/50ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/55R16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/55ZR16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/60R15 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 205/60R16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/45ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/50ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/55R16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/55ZR16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/55ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 215/60R16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 225/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 225/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 225/45ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 225/50ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 225/55ZR16 Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 225/55ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 235/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 235/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 245/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 245/45ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 255/35ZR18/RF Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 255/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU4 - 255/45ZR18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 165/65R14 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 195/45R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 205/55R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 205/55R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 205/60R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 215/50R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 215/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 215/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 215/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 215/60R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 215/70R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 225/45R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 225/45R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 235/40R19/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 235/45R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - 235/45R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - P195/65R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - P205/65R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - P215/45R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - P215/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 - P225/40R18 Nexen WinGuard 231 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 175/65R14 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 175/70R13 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 175/70R14 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 185/60R14 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 185/65R14 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 185/65R15 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 185/70R14 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 195/55R15 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 195/60R15 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 195/65R15 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 195/70R14 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 205/55R16 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 205/60R16 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 205/65R15 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 215/50R17 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 215/55R16 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 215/60R15 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 215/60R16 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 225/50R16 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 225/55R17 Nexen WinGuard 231 - 225/60R16 Nexen Euro-Win 650 Nexen Euro-Win 650 - 175/65R14 Nexen Euro-Win 650 - 185/65R14 Nexen Euro-Win 650 - 185/65R15 Nexen Euro-Win 650 - 205/65R15/RF Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 175/65R14/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 175/70R13 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 175/70R14 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 185/55R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 185/60R14 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 185/60R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 185/65R14/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 185/65R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 185/70R14/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/50R15 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/55R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/55R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/60R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/60R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/65R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 195/70R14 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 205/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 205/55R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 205/60R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 205/65R15/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 205/70R15 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 215/55R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 215/55R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 215/60R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 215/60R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 215/65R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 215/70R15 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 225/45R17 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 225/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 225/55R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 225/60R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WH62 - 235/55R17/XL Nexen Euro-Win 550 Nexen Euro-Win 550 - 185/55R15 Nexen Euro-Win 550 - 195/55R15 Nexen Euro-Win 550 - 205/55R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 185/55R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 185/60R15 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 185/65R14 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 195/50R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 195/55R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 195/60R15 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 195/65R15 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 205/45R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 205/50R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 205/55R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 205/60R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 205/65R15 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 205/65R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/45R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/50R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/55R16/XL Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/55R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/55R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/60R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/60R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 215/65R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/45R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/45R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/50R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/50R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/50R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/55R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/55R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/55R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/55R19 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/60R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/60R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/60R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 225/65R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/40R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/45R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/45R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/50R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/50R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/55R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/55R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/60R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 235/65R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 245/40R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 245/45R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 245/45R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - 245/50R18 Nexen N'priz AH8 - P205/70R16 Nexen N'priz AH8 - P245/50R17 Nexen N'priz AH8 - P245/55R18 Nexen WinGuard Sport Nexen WinGuard Sport - 185/60R14 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 185/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 185/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 195/45R16/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 195/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 195/65R15 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 205/45R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 205/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 205/60R15 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 215/40R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 215/45R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 215/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 215/55R16/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 215/55R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 215/60R17 Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/40R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/45R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/45R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/55R16/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/55R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 225/60R16/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 235/40R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 235/45R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 235/45R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 235/50R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 235/55R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 235/55R19/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 245/40R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 245/40R19/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 245/45R17/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 245/45R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 245/45R19/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 245/50R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 255/35R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 255/35R19/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 255/40R19/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 255/45R18/XL Nexen WinGuard Sport - 275/40R19/XL Nexen Euro-Win 600 Nexen Euro-Win 600 - 185/60R14 Nexen Euro-Win 600 - 185/60R15 Nexen Euro-Win 600 - 195/60R15 Nexen Euro-Win 600 - 195/60R15 Nexen Euro-Win 600 - 205/60R15 Nexen Roadian CT8 HL Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - 185/60R15C Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - 195/75R16C Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - 235/65R16C Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT215/85R16/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT225/75R16/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT235/80R17/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT235/85R16/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT245/70R17/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT245/75R16/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT245/75R17/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT265/70R17/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT265/75R16/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT275/65R18/E Nexen Roadian CT8 HL - LT275/70R18/E Nexen N'FERA SU1 Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 195/45ZR15 Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 195/45ZR16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 205/40ZR16 Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 205/40ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 205/45ZR16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 205/50ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 215/35ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 215/40ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 215/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 215/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/30ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/40ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/45ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/45ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 225/50ZR16/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 235/30ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 235/30ZR22/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 235/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 235/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 235/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/30ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/30ZR22/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/35ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/40ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/40ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/40ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/45ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/45ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 245/45ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/30ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/30ZR24/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/35ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/40ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/40ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/45ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 255/45ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 265/30ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 265/30ZR22/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 265/35ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/25ZR24/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/30ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/30ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/30ZR24/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/35ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/40ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 275/40ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 285/30ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA SU1 - 295/25ZR22/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 195/50R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 205/40R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 205/45R16/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 205/55R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 215/40R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 215/40R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 215/45R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 215/45R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 225/40R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 225/45R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 225/45R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 235/40R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 235/45R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 235/45R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 245/40R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 245/45R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 255/40R18/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - 255/45R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P185/60R14 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P185/60R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P185/65R14 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P185/65R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P195/55R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P195/60R14 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P195/60R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P195/65R14 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P195/65R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P205/50R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P205/60R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P205/60R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P205/65R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P205/65R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/55R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/60R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/60R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/60R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/65R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P215/65R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/50R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/50R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/55R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/60R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/60R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/60R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P225/65R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P235/50R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P235/50R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P235/55R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P235/65R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP672 - P245/50R18 Nexen Classe Premiere CP641 Nexen Classe Premiere CP641 - 195/55R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP641 - 215/65R15 Nexen Euro-Win 700 Nexen Euro-Win 700 - 195/60R14 Nexen Aria AH7 Nexen Aria AH7 - 195/65R15 Nexen Aria AH7 - 205/55R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 205/60R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 205/65R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 215/55R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 215/55R18 Nexen Aria AH7 - 215/60R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 215/65R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 215/65R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/50R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/50R18 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/55R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/55R18 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/60R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/60R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/65R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 225/65R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 235/55R18 Nexen Aria AH7 - 235/60R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 235/60R18 Nexen Aria AH7 - 235/65R16 Nexen Aria AH7 - 235/65R17 Nexen Aria AH7 - 235/65R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 195/70R15C Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 195/75R16C Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 215/50R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 225/70R15C Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 235/65R16C Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 235/75R15 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 245/60R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 245/65R17 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 245/70R17 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 245/75R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 265/70R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 265/70R17 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 265/75R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - 31x10.50R15/C Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT215/85R16/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT225/75R16/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT225/75R17/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT235/75R15/D Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT235/80R17/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT235/85R16/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT245/70R17/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT245/75R16/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT245/75R17/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT265/65R17/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT265/70R17/E Nexen WinGuard WinSpike - LT265/75R16/E Nexen N5000 Nexen N5000 - 205/40R17 Nexen N5000 - 205/45R17/XL Nexen N5000 - 215/45R17 Nexen N5000 - 215/45R18/XL Nexen N5000 - 225/40R18 Nexen N5000 - 225/45R17 Nexen N5000 - 235/40R18 Nexen N5000 - 235/45R17 Nexen N5000 - 245/40R18/XL Nexen N5000 - 245/45R17 Nexen N5000 - P205/50R17/XL Nexen N5000 - P205/55R16 Nexen N5000 - P215/50R17 Nexen N5000 - P215/55R16 Nexen N5000 - P215/55R17 Nexen N5000 - P215/55R18 Nexen N5000 - P225/50R18 Nexen N5000 - P225/55R16 Nexen N5000 - P235/55R17 Nexen N3000 Nexen N3000 - 205/40ZR16 Nexen N3000 - 205/50ZR16 Nexen N3000 - 225/45ZR17/XL Nexen N3000 - 225/50ZR17 Nexen N3000 - 235/35ZR19/XL Nexen N3000 - 235/40ZR18 Nexen N3000 - 235/45ZR17 Nexen N3000 - 245/40ZR17 Nexen N3000 - 245/40ZR18/XL Nexen N3000 - 245/45ZR17 Nexen N3000 - 245/45ZR18/XL Nexen N3000 - 255/35ZR18/XL Nexen N3000 - 255/40ZR17 Nexen N3000 - 255/45ZR18/XL Nexen N3000 - 275/30ZR19/XL Nexen N3000 - 275/30ZR20/XL Nexen N9000 Nexen N9000 - 205/45ZR16/XL Nexen N9000 - 205/55ZR16/XL Nexen N9000 - 215/35ZR18/XL Nexen N9000 - 215/35ZR18/XL Nexen N9000 - 215/40ZR17/XL Nexen N9000 - 215/45ZR17/XL Nexen N9000 - 225/40ZR18/XL Nexen N9000 - 225/45ZR17/XL Nexen N9000 - 235/40ZR17/XL Nexen N9000 - 235/40ZR18/XL Nexen N9000 - 235/45ZR17/XL Nexen N9000 - 245/35ZR20/XL Nexen N9000 - 245/40ZR18/XL Nexen N9000 - 245/45ZR17/XL Nexen N9000 - 245/45ZR18/XL Nexen N9000 - 255/35ZR20/XL Nexen N7000 Plus Nexen N7000 Plus - 205/45ZR17/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 205/50ZR16 Nexen N7000 Plus - 205/55ZR16/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 215/45ZR17/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 215/50ZR17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 215/55ZR17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 225/40ZR18/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 225/45ZR17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 225/45ZR18/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 225/50ZR17/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 225/55ZR17/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 235/45ZR17/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 235/50ZR18/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 235/55ZR17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/35ZR20/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/40ZR17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/40ZR18/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/40ZR19/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/45ZR17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/45ZR18/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/45ZR19/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 245/50R17 Nexen N7000 Plus - 255/35ZR20/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 265/35ZR18/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 275/30ZR20/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 275/35ZR18 Nexen N7000 Plus - 275/35ZR19 Nexen N7000 Plus - 275/35ZR20/XL Nexen N7000 Plus - 275/40ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA SUR4G Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 205/55ZR16 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 215/45ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 225/40ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 225/40ZR19 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 225/45ZR15 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 225/45ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 225/45ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 225/50ZR16 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 235/35ZR19 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 235/40ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 235/45ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 245/40ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 245/40ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 245/40ZR19 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 255/35ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 255/40ZR17 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 265/35ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 275/35ZR18 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 275/35ZR19 Nexen N'FERA SUR4G - 275/40ZR18 Nexen N'blue EV Nexen N'blue EV - 205/60R16 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 215/65R16 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 215/70R16 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 225/60R17/XL Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 225/65R17 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 225/70R16 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 235/55R18 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 235/60R18 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 235/65R17/XL Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 245/70R16 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 265/60R18 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 265/65R17 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 265/70R16 Nexen WinGuard ice SUV - 285/60R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 215/70R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 225/55R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 225/60R17 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 225/60R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 225/65R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 225/70R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 235/55R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 235/60R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 235/60R18/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 235/65R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 235/70R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 245/70R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 255/55R18/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 255/60R18/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 265/60R18/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike SUV - 265/65R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 215/70R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 225/55R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 225/60R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 225/60R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 225/65R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 225/70R16/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 235/55R18 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 235/60R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 235/60R18/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 235/65R17/XL Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 245/70R16 Nexen WinGuard WinSpike WS62 - 265/65R17/XL Nexen Classe Premiere CP662 Nexen Classe Premiere CP662 - 225/45R18/RF Nexen Classe Premiere CP662 - P195/65R15 Nexen Classe Premiere CP662 - P205/55R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP662 - P205/55R16 Nexen N'FERA AU5 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - 225/55R17 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - 235/30ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - 245/30ZR22/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P205/40ZR17 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P205/45ZR16 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P205/50ZR16 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P205/65R16 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P215/50ZR17 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P215/55ZR17 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P215/60R16 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P225/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P225/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P225/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P225/50ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P225/60R16 Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P225/60R17/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P235/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P235/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P235/45ZR17/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P245/35ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P245/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P245/40ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P245/40ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P245/45ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P255/35ZR18/XL Nexen N'FERA AU5 - P255/35ZR20/XL Nexen N'priz RH7 Nexen N'priz RH7 - 225/55R18 Nexen N'priz RH7 - 235/60R18 Nexen N'priz RH7 - P225/55R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 225/60R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 225/65R17 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 225/70R15 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 225/70R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 225/75R16/XL Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/60R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/65R17/RF Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/65R18/RF Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/70R15 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/70R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/70R17/XL Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/75R15/XL Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 235/75R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 245/60R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 245/60R20 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 245/65R17/RF Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 245/70R16/RF Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 245/70R17 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 245/75R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/60R19 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/65R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/65R17 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/65R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/70R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/70R17 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 255/70R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/50R20 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/60R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/65R17 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/65R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/70R15 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/70R17 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/70R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 265/75R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 275/60R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 275/60R20 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 275/65R18 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 275/70R16 Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - 31x10.50R15/C Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT215/85R16/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT225/75R16/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT235/80R17/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT235/85R16/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT245/75R16/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT245/75R17/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT255/70R15/D Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT265/70R17/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT265/75R16/E Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 - LT275/65R18/E Nexen N'FERA RU5 Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 235/50R19/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 235/55R20/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 235/55ZR19/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 235/60R18/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 235/65R18/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 245/50R20 Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 245/55R19 Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 255/45R20/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 255/50ZR20/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 255/55R18/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 255/55R20 Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 255/60R18/RF Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 265/45R20/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 265/50R20/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - 275/45R20/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - P235/55R18/XL Nexen N'FERA RU5 - P245/60R18 Nexen N'FERA RU5 - P265/60R18 Nexen N'priz RH7a Nexen N'priz RH7a - 235/60R18 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 235/70R16 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 235/75R15/RF Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 245/65R17/RF Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 245/70R16/RF Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 245/70R17 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 245/75R16 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 255/65R16 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 255/70R16 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/60R18 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/65R17 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/65R18 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/70R16 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/70R17 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/70R18 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 265/75R16 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 275/55R20/XL Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 275/60R20 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 275/65R17 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 275/65R18 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 285/60R18 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 285/65R17 Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 30x9.50R15/C Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - 31x10.50R15/C Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT215/85R16/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT225/75R16/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT235/75R15/C Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT235/80R17/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT235/85R16/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT245/70R17/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT245/75R16/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT245/75R17/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT265/60R20/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT265/70R17/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT265/70R18/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT265/75R16/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT275/65R18/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT275/70R18/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT285/55R20/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT285/65R18/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT285/70R17/E Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 - LT305/55R20/E Nexen Roadian HP Nexen Roadian HP - 255/30R22/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 255/50R19/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 255/50R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 255/60R17 Nexen Roadian HP - 265/35R22/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 265/45R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 265/50R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 265/60R17 Nexen Roadian HP - 265/60R18 Nexen Roadian HP - 275/40R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 275/45R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 275/55R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 275/60R17 Nexen Roadian HP - 285/35R22/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 285/45R22/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 285/50R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 285/60R18 Nexen Roadian HP - 295/30R22/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 295/35R24/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 295/40R20 Nexen Roadian HP - 295/45R20/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 305/35R24/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 305/40R22/XL Nexen Roadian HP - 305/45R22/XL Nexen N8000 Nexen N8000 - 275/35R20/XL Nexen Roadian MT Nexen Roadian MT - 31x10.50R15/C Nexen Roadian MT - LT235/75R15/C Nexen Roadian MT - LT235/85R16/E Nexen Roadian MT - LT265/75R16/E Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H - P205/55R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H - P205/55R16 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H - P215/45R17 Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H - P215/45R17
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Premier Wheels Direct in Scarborough, ON & Brantford, ON

Premier Wheels Direct proudly serves Scarborough, ON, Brantford, ON Toronto, ON, Markham, ON, and nearby cities with quality rims and tires as well as tire and wheel services. With a huge selection of custom wheels (more than 500 in stock!) and name brand tires at affordable prices, our Scarborough and Brantford tire and wheel shops make it easy to find not only the right rims and tires, but to also get the service you deserve. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff  is well trained on shopping for and installing passenger car, performance, light truck, or SUV tires. When it comes to custom wheels and wheel accessories, you can always trust our team to offer expert advice. We also offer flat tire repair, balancing, tire disposal, wheel repair and more. Call us today to schedule service or stop in to see us at our tire and wheel shops in Scarborough, Ontario and Brantford, Ontario.

Contact Us

Phone: (416) 754-0997
Fax: (416) 754-1288
Address: 4732 Sheppard Ave E. Unit 4 - 6
Scarborough, ON M1S 3V6
Phone: 226-227-9999
Address: 62 Plant Farm Blvd
Brantford, ON N3S 7W3

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